Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day Thirty Three: My other other other hobby

I am a woman of many hobbies.  You will note I did not say "many talents" because I don't really do any of them well or thoroughly, I just putter around and enjoy all of these little projects.  Jane of all trades and all that...


This is my pond.  It has been an extensive work in progress.  I dug it by hand in the spring of 2010 and finished it a few months later.  Then last winter a tree company dropped a big limb in and poked a hole in the liner.  So I dismantled and started over.  I would have preferred NOT to have to do that because it is really time consuming and exhausting work but in the end the pond is even prettier than ever.

This was this morning's project, a new fountain!  I made it from Salvation Army finds.  The fish and I love it.  The orange cup doesn't to much for me, the color isn't quite right, but it was the right size and, at $.99, I can always trade it out later.


  1. What an adorable fountain! Love it! My pond could use some cuteness; maybe you should come over to consult.

  2. Penny, you are welcome to steal this idea. I was also thinking of doing it with one of those old metal percolator style coffee pots and a big tin mug. Afraid of rust, though. I have another idea, too, with old flowerpots. I don't have much talent for any real kind of design, but I love shooting water through things! let's talk!