Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day Forty Three: The Cathedral

I had the pleasure of visiting the fine folks at St. John's Episcopal Cathedral in Jacksonville this morning.  The service was beautiful as was the building.  It was packed to the hilt.  I almost didn't get a seat!

The people were very hospitable and really helpful.  I had a chance to visit with the lovely Kate Moorehead, their dean, whom I had met previously at a conference on parish communications in the 21st century.  Awesome Kate scored me nine pairs of hands to photograph, all with great stories attached to them.  Thanks Kate!

Unfortunately, I had a moment of total, unadulterated panic when my camera stopped working for no discernable reason.  I don't have any pictures of the cathedral because of this.  A lovely member of the congregation managed to get it limping along again, but it still isn't right.  As soon as I track down my card reader (stashed in a suitcase somewhere, natch') I will offer some of the photos of this morning's willing participants.

What a great morning!

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