Friday, July 1, 2011

Day Fifty: Scary Carrots

Our four year old son is a bit pirate obsessed in the way that only a four year old little boy can be.  He has no real sense of what a pirate did (or does, I guess), just loves the trappings of it: eye patch, hooks, boats, canons, swords.  It is fun to see piracy through his eyes, very romantic, almost heroic, without guile, thievery and killing.  I know the reality, I do, but like so many other things with children, it is a delight to see how the world looks to him, fresh and exciting, before it is tainted by the bother of reality.

Our kids went to the pirate museum in St. Augustine and had a fantastic time.  Said four year old still can't read, so instead, he got the visual feast of pirate images (carefully steered around the Chamber of Pirate Tortures) without any dose of reality at all.

Later in the day, he was describing the adventure to his younger cousin: "And then there was a scary carrot.  He was way up high and green and talked.  he was a really REALLY scary carrot.  No... wait... not a carrot... a... PARROT!! Yeah!  A parrot!"

Look out for scary carrots.

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