Friday, July 8, 2011

Day Fifty Nine: one foot in front of the other

I ran twenty three miles this morning.  This is my last long run before the marathon on July 31.  That still makes me a little nervous.  I've never actually run 26.2 miles and I'm going to do it for the first time in a race in a strange city.  Yikes.

On the other hand, I gained three miles since my last long run, 20 miles two weeks ago.  So perhaps in three weeks, I can gain three more.  Right (she says, not very convincingly)?

This morning's run was beautiful.  We've had great beach weather, sunny and warm, for the last two weeks with nary a cloud in sight.  But beach weather isn't necessarily great running weather.  This morning was perfect running weather: overcast and cool, with a good breeze every so often, but not a gale that knocked me over.  I wound around and around, running over long bridges and along golf cart paths.  By the last three miles, I was just putting one foot in front of the other, not caring where I ran, but not wanting to get too far away from my destination as I tried to work in those last few steps.

That has been a tough part of training for me, getting the miles in.  Running has always been a way to get outdoors, to see the city, to balance my undisciplined eating habits.  To run with any sort of plan, especially a plan where I have to get a certain (very large) number of miles in, sometimes in strange cities, is hard for me.  I'm not a good guesstimator and I hate figuring it out online, so this morning's 4 mile loop that I was hoping to do a couple of times to log 8 miles was actually only 2.5 miles.  Bummer.

But I got the miles in and this afternoon, I am as sore and tired as I have ever been running.  No fun.  But satisfying!

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