Thursday, May 12, 2011

Some background and some pictures

For the last couple of months, I have been taking a photography class at the Emory Center for Lifelong Learning taught by Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier.  It was a fantastic class and I learned a lot.  Lynn is a great artist and really, really stinkin' funny.

I took some photography classes in college and then in the year after college at the New School in New York.  But that was in the days of analog (pass the Geritol), of film on rolls, printmaking in darkrooms and fixer stains on your t-shirts.  I miss those days.  I even miss the stains.  Let's face it, darkrooms are sexy.

I was too busy going to graduate school, starting a career and having babies when the digital age hit photography.  I have a great little point and shoot that gets good shots of the kids, but past that, I was too scared to do any real photography lest I find out that I'm not hip or smart enough to catch up.  So I covered the gap by acting snotty about "the good old days".  See above re: darkrooms.

Anyway, Lynn's class got me up to speed and quickly.  Turns out, there are some really amazing new technological advances in digital photography-- who knew?-- but the basics about how to adjust a camera, about light, metering, composition, these things are all the same.  Hooray!

So here are some of the photos I took during the class.  They are totally unrelated to this project but I figure you might enjoy some visuals to break up the monotony of my blathering.  Blah blah blah...

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