Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day Five: The First Adventure

We made it in our rented minivan (so much space!) to visit family in Abingdon, Virginia.  The trip was fine, the kids were good, DVD's were watched, french fries were consumed.

But when we arrived in the late evening, there was no power because of the most recent in a long line of thunderstorms that have been plaguing the area in the last few months.  The kids and their cousins had a great time running around with flashlights.  The grown ups stayed up late talking and catching up in the dark with no TV or internet to distract.  Though mildly logistically frustrating it was actually lovely.

The morning brought the power back.  The kids rejoiced and ate biscuits in their pajamas.  The four of them (mine and my nephews, collectively known as "The Cousins") are a travelling preschool party.  They are, officially as of today, ages 1, 2, 3 and 4.  The youngest tries to keep up with the oldest, the girl bosses the boys around, they are patient and gleeful with each other.  They have a great time and we love getting them together.  And they wear each other out, which is a bonus!

This morning took me to the lovely little parish of St. Thomas for their 9:30 morning prayer.  IT was as different from All Saints' as night is from day but they were warm and welcoming and I look forward to returning on Wednesday for Eucharist and photographs.

But today, after some well-earned naps, we're off on a biking adventure.  

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