Friday, May 13, 2011


So Blogger went down yesterday afternoon to fix some bugs.  it was down for a long time, 24 hours or so. And during that time, they deleted everything posted since Wednesday.  In other words, my whole blog.

They are saying that posts will go back up eventually and I really hope they do since I really do not want to rewrite everything that I posted and, of course, I had not yet backed it up.  Sigh.  The marvels and frustrations that modern technology brings in equal doses, right?

Anyway, a good portion of today was spent icing cupcakes.  Pictures are coming.   They aren't fancy cupcakes, but we're having family over this evening for a tiny little birthday celebration for our juicy almost-two-year-old, so I made a few treats to celebrate with.  I really like making my kids' birthday cakes. It can be really daunting being a working mother, stretched in many compelling directions.  One of the few things I think I can do well that benefits my kids and (I hope) shows them I'm paying attention, is making creative or silly cakes.  I really enjoy it.  I'll post some pictures later today, so as not to lose a lot more work if Blogger decides to bug out again.